Democracy, Drones, and the Need for a New Antiwar Foreign Policy Vision

By Tommy Johnson On January 3, the President of the United States ordered a strike that took place at the Bagh- dad Airport. Three drones cruised overhead, each armed with a Hellfire missile. Using a mix of satellite imagery, signals analysis, and finally tips from CIA operatives, remote-controlled drones targeted, identified, and killed Qasem Soleimani.

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Politics Can’t Make You Happy

Chris Paludi

American elections are, personally and politically, often unpleasant. They can feel like trench warfare as earlier and earlier every cycle, both sides gear up for a battle of attrition. But, I think – hope – there is another way for us to think about our politics, and elections provide the opportunity for reflection. They’re like a political New Year’s Eve;

The US Must End its Complicity in Civilian Casualties in Yemen

Tommy Johnson

On April 17, President Donald Trump vetoed a resolution from Congress calling for an end to United States military assistance to Saudi Arabia for its war in Yemen. This veto illustrates the challenge in reinstating democratic accountability over foreign policy, as well as the degree to which western powers are complicit in Saudi Arabia’s rampant violations of international law.