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Please Proceed, Congress

On Saturday, President Obama surprised many, including his own senior advisors, by announcing that he would seek Congressional approval to engage in air strikes against the Syrian government as a response to evidence showing that Bashar al-Assad’s regime used Sarin gas in an August 21st attack. It appears increasingly likely that Congress will vote against the

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Sarin Over Syria

When you hear people shouting the words ‘gas’ or ‘chemicals’ — and you hear those shouts spreading among the people — that is when terror begins to take hold, especially among the children and the women. Your loved ones, your friends, you see them walking and then falling like leaves to the ground. It is

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“Grandpa Hassan” Meets His Maker, Georgian Prosecutor’s Office Reveals Gay Honey Trap

Two international news stories came bursting out of the strange carnival world that is the former Soviet Union in the last day or so really captured my interest and seemed worth sharing. First up, the so-called “King of the Russian Mob,” Aslan Usoyan – or “Grandpa Hassan” if you knew him well – was shot

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Guest Post: Responding to Criticism of John Agresto at Yesterday Morning’s Panel

Simon Hoellerbauer is a sophomore MLL major born in Austria. He has lived in Ohio since 1998. A member of the audience, along with Dr. Jim Zogby, criticized John Agresto at yesterday morning’s panel on the Arab Spring, both for implying that Arab culture is incompatible with democracy and for using language that bordered on

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CSAD Saturday Morning Panel: Teaching the Hungry How to Fish

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he might buy an ugly hat, but he’ll also eat for a lifetime.” – Anonymous This morning’s panel highlighted the difference between institution-based and civic-based forms of democracy promotion.