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“España es diferente.” Spain is different indeed.

Today’s international post will focus on two big stories, from the Spanish perspective. First of all, Catalunya’s legislature, the Generalitat, approved a “Declaration of Sovereignty” today. The measure was made the number one issue in Catalunya’s September elections, in which the nationalist-centrist party CiU won the majority of seats, but not enough to form a

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“Grandpa Hassan” Meets His Maker, Georgian Prosecutor’s Office Reveals Gay Honey Trap

Two international news stories came bursting out of the strange carnival world that is the former Soviet Union in the last day or so really captured my interest and seemed worth sharing. First up, the so-called “King of the Russian Mob,” Aslan Usoyan – or “Grandpa Hassan” if you knew him well – was shot

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The Secret Service Non-Scandal

Timothy Noah’s article in the New Republic today called into question the level of outrage over allegations that Secret Service agents solicited prostitutes on their recent visit to Colombia ahead of the Summit of the Americas. While certainly embarrassing, he argues that congressional hearings and the media frenzy are unwarranted, and I agree.

Communist Chinese Paper To Raise $250 Million From Capitalist Pig Investors

Rankled by federal funding to National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service? Check out the People’s Daily, owned by China’s Communist Party, which hopes to raise $245 million in a public offering of shares in its online news business.

[UPDATED] The AV: Blackwater Mercenaries Firing at Iraqi Civilians

The AV is TKO’s occasional foray into politics via multimedia. This video contains disturbing footage Shameful stuff. The video (one of five) is part of a fascinating article on the rise of mercenary soldiers by Charles Glass in this past week’s Harper’s magazine. The article is eerily appropriate for the coming CSAD conference. Glass describes

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