Gambier Voter Profile: Tamara

Village Market Employee

By Richard Pera

An alumna of Mount Vernon High School, Tamara graduated from Kenyon in 1993 with a major in Sociology and concentration in American Studies. Tamara works at Gambier’s Village Market. Her husband is a survey technician with a private company in Mansfield. The couple resides in Gambier with their 11-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son.

Political issues most important to Tamara are those that directly affect her children, especially education. Tamara’s two children are enrolled in Gambier’s Wiggin Street Elementary School, where she is very involved. Her daughter is an avid learner who enjoys classes and numerous extracurricular activities, while her son is on the autistic spectrum and requires special needs.

Tamara deeply supports annual Mount Vernon school district levies. She explains that the Mount Vernon community includes a large number of citizens who do not have children in the local school system, making it more difficult for a levy to be successful. According to Tamara, levies are vital because they fund programs like her daughter’s extracurriculars and her son’s special needs. They also allow the district to retain teachers.

Tamara and her husband are Party and Knox County Democrats. She supports President Barack Obama and almost always votes along party lines. Her three principal issues are education, the economy and health care. Tamara would like to see greater emphasis on student financial assistance, including Pell Grants and federal student loans.

She worries that her kids will not be able to afford a college education when they get older. It has been difficult for her to find work after Kenyon, particularly in recent years. Tamara and her husband do not have health insurance, forcing the family to pay high premiums; her son’s disability further complicates family expenses.

Tamara believes that President Obama’s first term in office has benefited the State of Ohio. While she acknowledges that he has not achieved several of the goals he set in 2008, she believes that the President and the Democratic Party offer the best solutions to national problems. Tamara believes that those solutions will also positively affect Knox County and the state as a whole.

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