APRIL 16 2015

Dear Prospective Reader,


The Kenyon Observer is excited to bring you our second to last issue of the 2014-2015 academic year. Leading off this issue, Sofia Mandel excerpts from her Senior thesis, providing an examination of China’s recent internal migration policies. For our cover issue, Jacob Fass makes the case for why Marco Rubio may be the Republican nominee. Next, Julieanna Luo interviews the popular author and policy critic Martha Bayles. Finally, Nate Epstein continues his excellent critique of U.S. education policies, while Jacob Hopkins argues the long view of history for progressives seeking political power.

As always, we invite all members of the Kenyon community and beyond to consider the opinions expressed here. We hope they will provoke contemplation and conversation among friends, and we welcome any letters and full-length submissions, either in response to the content presented here or on other topics of interest.


Conrad Jacober, Sofia Mandel, and Jacob Weiner


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