December 17 2014

12:10 Cover

Letter from the Editors

The Kenyon Observer is proud to present our final issue of the semester, with a special cover story by Anabel Garcia ‘14 on developments in Mexican freedom and rebellion—a topic close to our hearts in the wake of the murders in Ferguson and Staten Island. We begin with Jacob Hopkins’ analysis of a potential global climate agreement, followed by Anabel’s piece. Henry Burbank then questions which policies are feasible to address race issues in America. Next, Alex Pijanowski advocates for a rethinking of Rutherford B Hayes’ legacy. Finally, in her first (satirical) piece for the Observer, Sofia Mandel brings Gossip Girl to Kenyon’s campus.

As always, we invite all members of the community, both at Kenyon and beyond, to consider the opinions expressed here. We hope they will provoke contemplation and conversation with friends and family during a much-deserved winter vacation, and look forward to hearing your responses after the break.

Conrad Jacober, Sofia Mandel, and Jacob Weiner


Update: The article “Not Out of the Woods Yet” was written by Jacob Hopkins. It was initially accredited in the print issue to Jacob Fass, and has been corrected here.

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