FEBRUARY 11 2015

Dear Prospective Reader,

The Kenyon Observer is proud to present our first issue of 2015, featuring a cover story by Jacob Hopkins on the election of SYRIZA in Greece and the rise of the left in Europe. Jacob is probably the most prolific first-year writer in Kenyon Observer history, having written an article for all but one of our issues published thus far in the 2014-2015 school year. It is thus with our sincerest apologies to him that we make the following correction: Jacob Hopkins’ article, Not Out of the Woods Yet, from our most recent December Issue was unfortu- nately misattributed to Jacob Fass.

Leading off this issue, Nathaniel Epstein makes the case for the implementation of universal Pre-K education. Molly O’Connor examines the decline of democ- racy in Turkey under President Erdogan’s reign. With proper attribution, Jacob Fass argues for why Mitch McConnell may end up saving American democ- racy. Concluding this issue, Julieanna Luo discusses Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign in China and the problems it may pose for his party.

As always, we invite all members of the Kenyon community and beyond to con- sider the opinions expressed here. We hope they will provoke contemplation and conversation among friends, and we welcome any letters and full-length submissions, either in response to the content presented here and on other top- ics of interest.

Conrad Jacober, Sofia Mandel, and Jacob Weiner Editors-in-Chief

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