FEBRUARY 26 2015

Dear Prospective Reader,

The Kenyon Observer is excited to bring you our second issue of 2015. As we move towards the spring, we look forward to continuing our exchange of ideas through both print and online media. Be sure to check out our website, kenyonobserver.com, newly redesigned by Jessica Ferrer, as well as our Twitter and Facebook feeds, managed by Nate Epstein.

This issue features a variety of opinions from students both at Kenyon and abroad. Leading off this issue, Molly O’Connor analyzes the benefits and pitfalls of political dramas influencing our discourse. Our cover story, by Siberian correspondent Stewart Pollock, examines film portrayals of Russians in the era of Putin. Next, in his first article for the Observer, Timmy Broderick questions the consequences of technology in an ever-modernizing world. Henry Burbank, writing from Brazil, discusses the state of political correctness in informing debate. Finally, inspired by Steven Salaita’s recent visit to Kenyon, Conrad Jacober assesses Palestinian persecution and the meaning of anti-Semitism.

As always, we invite all members of the Kenyon community and beyond to consider the opinions expressed here. We hope they will provoke contemplation and conversation among friends, and we welcome any letters and full-length submissions, either in response to the content presented here or on other topics of interest.

Conrad Jacober, Sofia Mandel, and Jacob Weiner


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