MAY 5, 2015

Dear Prospective Reader,

The Kenyon Observer is excited to bring you our very last issue of the academic year. It has been a true joy to engage the campus on a large diversity of issues over the course of the past two semesters. In accordance with tradition, this final issue will focus solely on issues relating to Kenyon and Campus politics.

Leading off this issue, President Decatur weighs in on the recent Israel-Palestine debate and calls for more respectful discussion and bridge-building. Continuing the discussion on the Israel-Palestine debate, Conrad Jacober details the dangers of using rhetorical caricatures to dismiss dissenting opinions. Next, Timmy Broderick makes the case for the continued relevance and usefulness of the allstu dislist. For our cover issue, Conrad Jacober critiques the popular course “Quest for Justice” and its advertised quintessence. Finally, Julianna Luo covers her experience with Kenyon’s new alternative Spring Break program.

As always, we invite all members of the Kenyon community and beyond to consider the opinions expressed here. We hope they will provoke contemplation and conversation among friends, and we welcome any letters and full-length submissions, either in response to the content presented here or on other topics of interest.

Conrad Jacober, Sofia Mandel, and Jacob Weiner


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