OCTOBER 30, 2015

This time of year, many students often find themselves wearied and worn down by the ever-intensifying demands of a Kenyon education. In this issue, we hope to offer an array of viewpoints that will liven your Peirce table talk.

Leading off this issue, Stewart Pollock talks about the consequences of Russian military involvement in the Syrian Civil War. (What a shocker!). In a long and candid essay on the history and principles of Zionism, Adam Rubenstein shares his perspective on the issues surrounding the movement today. Next, Jacob Hopkins sheds some light on the lesser known, but by no means less important, gubernatorial race in Kentucky. Additionally, Emily Tanji takes a look at the prevalent media representations of Japan, and how distortions often shape discourse both inside and outside the country. Spencer Couch offers a different look at the debate on gun control by assessing the issue from a philosophical perspective. And, finally, Molly O’Connor and Stewart Pollock team up to take on the Democratic Presidential primary field. It was a tough one, but we think they came out on top. O’Connor/Pollock 2016!

As always, we invite members of the Kenyon community and beyond to engage in thoughtful and open discourse about the topics presented here. We are always prepared to accept comments on the pieces in this issue, whether  that be in print or on our website. Furthermore, we welcome letters and full-length submissions, either in response to this issue’s content or on other topics of interest.

Molly O’Connor, Alex Pijanowski, and Stewart Pollock


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